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    Q. How many credits do I need for graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences?

    A. 120 hours of credit. Most courses equal 3 credits.

    Q. What are the program requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences?

    A. Fifty per cent of the courses in the curriculum are in the liberal arts particularly under People & Society and in the Arts & Humanities. If students have not declared a major initially they should do so by the time they are juniors and seniors.

    Q. What are the program requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in the College of Arts and Sciences?

    A. All students must complete requirements for an A & S major AND either: 1) any University offered minor, OR 2) another University offered major. BS degree candidates must major in one of the STEM fields: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecosystem Science and Policy, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, Microbiology and Immunology, Neuroscience, Physics, or Psychology. If students have not declared a major initially they should do so by the time they are juniors and seniors.

    Q. Can I earn a second major?

    A. Absolutely. Students often discover new disciplines of interest. You may add a second major from any of the majors in the College of Arts and Science. You will see your Academic Advisor later in the fall to work out a plan that fits your needs and interests.

    Q. Is a foreign language required for graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences?

    A. Yes. A student must pass a 200 level modern language course to fulfill the requirement.

    Q. Can I complete an undergraduate degree in less than four years?

    A. Absolutely. If after one semester at UM, you have a 3.0 or higher GPA and obtain permission from the Director of Freshman Advising, you may accelerate your workload from 15 to 18 credits per semester. Additionally, if you have earned college credits as a result of AP or IB programs or from other institutions through a dual enrollment plan at your high school, contact the Office of Admissions to find out how to transfer those credits to UM. Check our web site to find out the equivalencies.

    Q. What majors are offered in the College of Arts and Sciences?

    A. The Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences may be granted with the following majors:

    1. Africana Studies (AFS)
    2. American Studies (AMS)
    3. Anthropology (APY)
    4. Art (ART)
    5. Art History (ARTH)
    6. Biochemistry (BCH)
    7. Biochemistry & Nutrition (BCHN)
    8. Biology (BIL)
    9. Chemistry (CHM)
    10. Classics (CLA)
    11. Computer Science (CSC)**
    12. Criminology (CRI)
    13. Economics (ECO)
    14. Ecosystem Science & Policy (ECS)*
    15. English (ENG)**
    16. Elementary Education (ELE)*
    17. French (FRE)
    18. Geography and Regional Studies (GEG)
    19. Geological Sciences (GSC)
    20. German (GER)
    21. History (HIS)
    22. International Studies (ITS)
    23. Judaic Studies (JUS)
    24. Latin American Studies (LAS)
    25. Mathematics (MTH)**
    26. Microbiology (MIC)
    27. Neuroscience (NEUR)
    28. Philosophy (PHI)
    29. Physics (PHY)**
    30. Political Science (POL)
    31. Psychology (PSY)
    32. Psychology - BS (PSYS)
    33. Public Administration (PADM)
    34. Religious Studies (REL)
    35. Religion and Healthcare (RHC)
    36. Sociology (SOC)
    37. Spanish (SPA)
    38. Theatre Arts (THA)
    39. Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)

    * A second major is required to be chosen from an approved list.
    ** Student must specify a "track" within a major.

    Q. Do I select my classes on my own?

    A. As an incoming freshman, you will select courses you wish to take. An advisor will review these choices and then contact you to advise you if they are approved or not approved and make suggestions for you. Once you are here, at the beginning of your freshman year, you are assigned an academic advisor. The academic advisor helps you to create an academic schedule that makes sense and achieves the goals that you have established for yourself.

    Q. How do I know what courses to select?

    A. Thoroughly read all of the information at New Student Registration and in the Registration Guide.

    Q. Where do I find the classes? 

    A. Review the information on how to use CaneLink. 

    Q. How am I exempt or waived from ENG 105?

    A. If you scored 700 or above on the SAT/V, you will be exempted from ENG 105; if you scored 32 on the ACT/E, you will be exempted from ENG 105, if you scored 6 or 7 on the IB exam at the Higher Level, you will earn 6 credits for ENG 105 and 106 and if you score 5 on the AP exam, you will earn 6 credits for ENG 105 and 106.

    Q. What courses should I choose if I have no AP/IP or dual enrollment or transfer credit?

    A. Select ENG 105. Take the ALEKS Math test. Once you have the score, choose the appropriate math course. If you have declared a major select course(s) from those listed in the Registration Guide for your major. Review the cognates and choose courses you are most interested in for the cognates. If you are an undeclared major look at the courses offered in a topic you are interested in by using the cognate search engine. It is recommended that you begin with one of these classes.

     Q. How do I find out my course requirements?

    A. The University Bulletin is the guide to every program and department at the University of Miami It includes essential information like admission and graduation requirements, financial information, and academic procedures.  You can find it on our UM home page; or by clicking on the Bulletin. Advisors will help clarify graduation requirements, but students are ultimately responsible for meeting all requirements.


    Q. I am not sure about what to declare as a major.

    A. The Undeclared freshman will have the opportunity to meet with their advisor to discuss interests and explore options during the semester. Also, the Toppel Career Center offers career development resources and seminars to assist undecided students in determining career choices. With the help of a college advisor, students are able to determine the best major(s) to study to support their career goals.

    Q. Is there a deadline to declare a major?

    A. Students must declare a major by their junior year. By that time they should have taken a few preliminary courses in a field that interests them. Students are advised to choose a major during their sophomore year and begin the requirements so that they have time to decide whether to continue with the same major. The Bulletin provides all essential information about course descriptions and requirements.

    Q. Do I need an advisor?

    A. New students are assigned an advisor on August and will have the opportunity to meet with their advisor during Orientation to discuss their schedule.

    Q. How do I change my major or my school?

    A. Students may change their majors until May 15 through the Admissions Office.  After May 15, students should contact the Center for Freshman Advising at 305-284-3437. 

    Q. How do I get financial aid?

    A. The University offers several scholarships and assistance programs. Visit Financial Assistance Services in the Financial Assistance Advising Center in Ashe 123 or call (305) 284-5212. 


    Q. How do I join the band?

    A. If you would like to be in the Band of the Hour, and want more information, email cdamon@miami.edu call 305-284-4273. 

    Q. What is the course required for the Air Force ROTC Scholarship Program?

    A. If you are part of the Air Force ROTC scholarship program, you must enroll in AIS 101(1 credit) and AIS 150 lab.  Call 305-284-2870 for more information.

    Q. What is the course required for the Army ROTC Program?

    A. If you are interested in taking Army ROTC, please sign up for MSL 101 (2 credits) and/or call 305-349-1619.

    Q. What is the recommended computer hardware for an Arts and Sciences major?

    A. Please visit the UMIT Computer Recommendations page.